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All stock manufacturing is paused. However, stock product inventories are in a very strong position and this will not pose a threat to order completion.

Inorganic Ventures will continue to manufacture custom blends in the routine fashion. We do ask that our customers quickly evaluate their needs in this area and submit all orders as soon as possible. This will ensure that we are able to process and manufacture orders right away, in case the environment further changes in the coming days or weeks.

Again, we want to emphasize the benefits of our Transpiration Control Technology, which allows customers inventory control and extended shelf life in preparation for unforeseen circumstances.

Custom Standards

Inorganic CRMs Made to Your Specs

Custom standards are Inorganic Ventures' specialty. Our catalog reveals only a fraction of the inorganic reference materials we can prepare. More than two thirds of our business is devoted entirely to preparing custom standards. As the leading manufacturer of custom inorganic standards, we've produced tens of thousands of unique blends for laboratories worldwide. It's our area of expertise, and perhaps the most prominent way in which we flex to your specs.

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Suisse Technology Partners AG is the official distributor of Inorganic Ventures products in Switzerland.

Inorganic Ventures manufactures a higher class of inorganic standards for a variety of industries. Reference materials are produced for ICP, ICP-MS, AAS, IC and QC/environmental applications. Custom manufacturing is the company's claim to fame, producing more than 52'000 unique custom blends. These blends are carefully engineered to be stable, compatible and easy to use.

All Inorganic Ventures standards include an extensive Certificate of Analysis, which details NIST traceability, certified values, and trace impurities. Furthermore, Inorganic Ventures is registered to ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 17034, meaning every standard sold here is fully compliant with nearly every quality system worldwide.

Please don't hestitate to compare our prices to other established manufacturers of reference Standards.

If you prefer to flick through a catalog, we are pleased to send you a printed catalog or you can find an online Version here .